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There are many opportunities out there and most times, particularly if you are new to Internet and Network Marketing, you can spend a lot of money on opportunities that look good but don't work.  Be sure to do your homework.  Check out every aspect of each before you make a decision that may cost more time or money than you may want to invest.

I will try to bring to you only those opportunities I have first hand knowledge about and know that they work.  Keep in mind though; none of these businesses are "get rich quick".  They all take time, planning, and a lot of work.  So, don't quit your day job yet.  It may take a couple of months to get your venture off the ground, but if you work hard, which you already do, and put your heart into what you are doing, you may just find that this time next year you will have reached your goal.

The more you put in, the more you get out!

NEW OPPORTUNITIES - September 2010

For the past few months I have been searching for legitimate and lucrative opportunities to post for you.  A week ago I received a phone call from a friend who asked that I check out this amazing company, Sundance Global.  I was thoroughly impressed.  This is something I feel very comfortable with and would suggest it to everyone who cares about the safety of their family in this uncertain economy, along with the natural disasters, and genetically modified food supplies.

An Opportunity You Cannot Afford to Pass Up


What if you woke up one morning and found you had no electricity?

What if you woke up one morning and found you had no water?

What if a devastating earthquake, tornado, hurricane, or tsunami hits your town?

What if you woke up to find your city or town locked down in martial law?


Adequate food and water storage practices are critical to being self-sufficient and protecting your family in times of need.  There is a growing concern in America about world events, natural disasters, terrorism, and the economy. Families, businesses, and schools are starting to realize the importance of prudent planning for the future.


Do you have an alternative plan to provide power to your home?

Do you have a way to purify what water you could find in order to get a drink?

Have you prepared to deal with not being able to get food for your family?

Are you prepared to be confined to your home, not being allowed to be on the streets, go to the store, or to work, or to school, or anywhere?

In these times, you never know what you will wake up to on a daily basis.  Have you even thought that you need to be prepared?  I was not prepared when I woke up one morning a few months ago to no electricity due to a storm.  The people in the small rural community of Orme, Tennessee were not prepared when they woke to find they had no access to water at all in October of 2007.  Nor were the population of Indonesia (2004) or the people in Haiti (2010) prepared for the devastation of their homes and lively hood.  Would you be prepared if you woke up one morning to city streets filled with armed soldiers telling you that you could not leave your home?  Such an idea has been discussed in two states (Illinois and Michigan) in 2010.

Sundance Global knows that in these days and times, anything can happen and they want to help you get prepared.  SG offers ready to eat meals that are dehydrated from #1 grade fresh raw foods and have a shelf life of 15 years. They do not add any MSG, genetically altered food, hydrogenated oils or foods from counties that utilize illegal fertilizers and insecticides.  All the meals are vegetarian, but include a natural meat substitute that provides the needed protein in your diet.  Their food is perfect for those of you who believe they need to have a significant surplus of food to weather any dips in the economy, natural disasters, or world unrest.

There are three major reasons why they have created this:

1.      They want as many people as possible to taste what this opportunity is really all about;

2.      Create a path where anyone can pass some simple information on to others and experience the power of their cause and effect; and,

3.      Sundance Global is tired of all the promises, hype, and exaggeration that surround a lot of opportunities.  They want to make a stand and show others that if you have a product of need and value then why not put your money where your mouth is.  Sundance Global will put their money where their mouth is, if you will put their food where your mouth is and where your friends mouth is!  Talk is cheap but FOOD is not!  Especially when you are hungry.  Food is the greatest dependency we all have.  There are times when anyone can be thrown into a situation where food is the ONLY priority. 

            Sundance Global…Saving families one meal at a time!

A "REAL" work from home opportunity.  Not an MLM!  Not Network Marketing!  A REAL company!  Hiring has begun with this new “payment processing” company, and we may be looking for YOU!

About   PayBox is a new payment service that is being built from the ground up in a grass-roots way.  Our goal is to make buying and selling online easier, more secure, and available to everyone.

What We Need:

We are looking for Web Developers, Database Administrators, Systems Administrators and more.  PayBox is growing quickly and we are moving into rapid development mode.  Although this job listing is most specifically directed to web developers, please send in your resume if you are a database administrator, systems administrator or a technical architect experienced in designing large-scale web applications, storage systems, or computing/network systems.

We need team players who preferably have experience in fast-paced start-up environments.  If you think you are qualified, please apply.

How to Apply:  You must first sign up as an “Early Bird User” in the PayBox system and visit the site often to remain an active user. 

Go to Update November 2010

Though still in Beta Test Mode,PayBox is growing by leaps and bounds.  The launch date has been moved up to early or mid-2011.  When this happens, the dollars you earn as an Early Bird Useris converted to “CASH”.  PayBox has now opened a bidding site,PayBox Shop, also in test mode.  We need TESTERS!  PayBox will pay you to test these systems.  Once PayBox goes live, you will be able to transfer your earnings to a debit card, to your bank account, or use it to spend on-line at many stores.  Join “FREE” now to get $50, and an opportunity to win a $1000 AMAZON.COM shopping spree! 

Current Job Listings:

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